MD&E CLARITY Wins “Client of Choice” at 2013 Client Advisor Awards

NORCROSS, Ga–Join Creative Growth Group in congratulating the 2013 Client Advisor Awards Winners and Finalists. For more than seven years, the Client Advisor Awards, the country’s only Awards program honoring the economic and community impact of Professional Services Firms, have defined the best practices, behaviors and results in client-advisor engagements. On January 31, the winners of the 2013 Client Advisor Awards were announced during an exclusive ceremony. Judges evaluated finalists’ client engagement case studies for excellence in six areas: collaboration, creativity, content and value orientation, capability, credibility and results generated relative to the project’s level of difficulty.

“The best services firms, like MD&E Clarity, do more than deliver world class experiences for their clients.  They carry that ethic of relationship excellence to the way they engage and manage the professional advisors that support their own businesses.  In their work together with Abraxas, MD&E Clarity embodied the qualities of a Client of Choice – those organizations that don’t just hire others or get hired by others but those that become partners with other organizations to advance all parties.  We’re thrilled to have MD&E Clarity join the Client Advisor Awards Winners Circle,” said Andrew Dietz from Creative Growth Group.

About Client Advisor Awards

Since 2005, the Client Advisor Awards have showcased world-class client experiences and results in the relationships between professional services firms and clients. The awards celebrate positive results through professionalism by honoring professional service firms and their clients who consistently and cooperatively foster and grow successful client-advisor relationships.