How MD&E CLARITY services provided Fortune 100 client with a $3 million project payback the first year and subsequent annual savings of $100K+ thereafter


This Client’s large national sales force was unable to form a clear picture of its customer data due to disparate databases and systems. The Client’s customers were primarily large enterprises, often consisting of a parent corporation with multiple subsidiaries or locations, making a variety of purchases from the company via several sales people. Billing information and how much each customer was actually buying and paying was spread across multiple systems for each product line. To further complicate the data, each billing system had a different customer identifier, representing different purchasing aspects, making it difficult to tell who of the company’s 1,000+ salespersons was responsible for which account, resulting in compensation based on self-reporting with little or no verification.


Audits revealed the Client’s disparity of databases and systems was resulting in the payment of significantly more compensation to its salesforce than actual sales merited. MD&E CLARITY was assigned to create a system with a Master Customer Identifier (MCID) that collected and organized all disparate information. We also established processes and procedures that allowed the company to keep its customer data accurate, consistent, complete and up-to-date. Our efforts dramatically increased sales results and significantly reduced costs, resulting in a $3million project payback in the first year and subsequent annual savings exceeding $100K.