How MD&E CLARITY helped a client increase sales through an internal lead-generation system that resulted in $700K savings the first year


With a sharp decline in sales across 3 of its 5 product lines, the Client knew it had a problem that would not be solved by simply declaring a 35% increase in sales and market penetration as its goal. They wanted to develop a 360-degree customer view based on their own customer billing data and an independent research firm’s market study. Prior to engaging MD&E CLARITY, the client was unable to match internal data with the market research data and its sales force was operating with no concrete definition.


MD&E CLARITY performed a thorough examination of the situation and revealed that the Client did not know what markets or market segments it was not reaching or how to clearly identify sales opportunities, including those of new products to existing customers. We created a system that allowed the Client to compare its existing customer base with the potential customer base the market research firm had identified.

We collaborated with the Client’s marketing and sales departments and with the outside market research firm, to create a Marketing Data Mart, ad hoc and traditional reporting capabilities, drill-down analytical capabilities, campaign management capabilities, and the integration of a CRM tool for the support of the company’s leads-to-sales process. With improved data intelligence of both existing customers and potential leads, the marketing department now has the capability of identifying opportunities for the sales team. As a result, sales increased and the company no longer outsourced lead-generation services. In the first year, this resulted in a cost-savings or more than $700K.