Make Your Next Career Move Strategic

As businesses grow in sophistication and complexity, so does their technology function, facing an increasing scope of responsibility, systems and customer data integrity, and heightened levels of security and performance. These inherent requirements, coupled with any strategic and/or operational changes, often create uncertainty, staff turnover and a demand for experienced talent. Technology professionals seeking new opportunities should contact MD&E CLARITY today.

For client engagements, we consistently seek Technology Consultants with experience in professional services for the technology function and a relevant graduate or undergraduate degree. In addition to client engagements, we are seeking Interim and Permanent Executives to fill leadership positions within companies, either due to vacancies, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, interim strategies or new strategic goals. If you possess leadership expertise and are seeking an interim or permanent position, contact and call 678-291-9690, option 2.

MD&E CLARITY Seeks Interim and Permanent Candidates for the following positions:

  • Business Program Management
  • End-to-End Customer Experience
  • Business Process Engineering (BPE) and Process Improvement
  • System Development (Strategic ABS Program Imperatives)
  • Technology Alignment
  • Help Desk and Data Cleansing Services
  • Sales and Client Data Alignment
  • Project and Product Management
  • System Selection
  • Security Systems Recommendation and Implementation
  • Expediting Technology Projects, and
  • Preparing New Technologies for Launch.