Since 1992, MD&E CLARITY has built long-term relationships with its clients to provide ongoing technology services and resources. We help companies achieve targeted growth and time-sensitive product launches by providing important business process and technology project support. Below are some examples of how MD&E CLARITY helps companies streamline processes, increase revenue and improve customer service.

1.  Benchmark where you are—and where you could be with better data. 
In every organization, opportunities abound for better use of existing data. Give us your parameters and two weeks for assessing opportunities. MD&E CLARITY will give you a risk-free roadmap of the short-term results we can produce.

2.  Get more results from your business systems.
Implementing a data system from Salesforce.com or other system of intensive data tracking is just the beginning of a journey to better business performance. Long after a system vendor’s consultants are gone, data issues arise at every step of the way. Ask MD&E CLARITY to propose affordable solutions to your toughest challenges – and help you open new opportunities for enhanced services and better customer and sales experiences.

3.  Gain a 360° view of customers and prospects.
What products does this customer have now? Are there sales opportunities with the customer’s affiliates? What are the most recent activities on this account? What is sales outlook for this customer in Western states? If there’s no single place you can go for answers, call MD&E CLARITY.

4.  Integrate information from multiple silos.
It’s frustrating when the data you need seems to be trapped in different places, with incompatible formats and inconsistent time periods. MD&E CLARITY can cleanse and harmonize data from multiple sources.

5.  Answer this data question: “Who is a customer?” 
How do your systems handle companies with multiple locations and parent-sibling-child relationships? MD&E CLARITY can bring order to the chaos, resolving a host of billing, compensation, customer service, lead management and territory management issues.

6.  Find interim reporting solutions during long-range projects.
Executives are asking for a new report. Instead of saying, “We can do that after Phase 3 of the implementation plan,” try this response: “I’ll put MD&E CLARITY to work on it.”

7.  Set up and staff a superior internal support help desk.
Vital internal applications deserve a dedicated help desk. MD&E CLARITY can help you establish a service desk strategy customized for your needs and corporate culture. Then we can either train your help desk staff, or supply staffing as needed to support your team for any schedule.

8.  Identify roadblocks in a new application before they frustrate users.
MD&E CLARITY has a highly disciplined approach to user acceptance testing. Our experts will target all new or changed functions of an application or process, and then perform comprehensive tests of the business logic, navigation, and usability.

9.  Aggregate data from unconnected databases.
MD&E CLARITY can find and gather relevant data from anywhere in your organization, no matter where it resides. We can map data elements, enrich existing data with data from internal or external sources, and consolidate data to make it more meaningful and valuable for business users.

10.  Meet business goals faster. 
MD&E CLARITY’s technology professionals often perform liaison roles for a client’s business units and their technology staff, particularly in situations where the technical function is burdened with heavy backlogs. MD&E CLARITY can also assist your technology group with virtually any data-, process-, or productivity-related task, from data mapping and data migration, to new technology product launches.

11.  Flexibility to change.
MD&E CLARITY understands that businesses need flexibility to change as technologies rapidly advance and it is our responsiveness and willingness to work that brings about the greatest customer satisfaction. It is the customer satisfaction that drives the referrals and moves our business forward. The relationships build coupled with MD&E CLARITY’s reputation for high standards of work have allowed us opportunities to work with national Fortune 500 Companies.